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New Leaflet for Meat and Poultry Inspection Solutions

08 July 2024
We are exited to announce our latest leaflet: Inspection Solutions for Meat and Poultry Process Control. Now available, this comprehensive guide of...

Introducing the MCT560 Series

08 July 2024
In response to the rising cost of ingredients and market volatility of raw materials, industries are increasingly looking for innovative solutions ...

Introducing the new NIR 7000 from KPM Analytics

19 June 2024
Introducing the new NIR 7000 from KPM Analytics We are pleased to announce the launch...

Zellcheming exhibition 2015

04 May 2022
Our partners FRANK-PTI and ProMTec will attend the Zellcheming exhibition in Frankfurt from the 30th of June until the 2nd of July. You will find F...

New generation icinac Analyzers – Lactic Acid meters

09 February 2022
KPM Analytics / AMS recently launched its latest iCinac Wireless Aci...

M.C. TEC has a new product catalog for the pulp-, paper & cardboard industry

10 September 2020
papier- en pulpindustrie
M.C. TEC offers top quality instruments for many measurements and analyses that are needed in the pulp, paper, board &...

M.C. TEC at Solids exhibition Antwerpen 2018

12 October 2018
Companies specialising in processing, storage and transport of dry bulk goods will present their innovations on the 17th...

M.C. TEC at Solids Rotterdam, Powtech Nürnberg & Global Gypsum Poland

25 September 2017
The coming weeks M.C. TEC will be present at the Solids exhibition in Rotterdam and together with our partners we wil also participate at Powtech i...

Drinktec 2017

07 September 2017
Drinktec in Munich is worldwide the most important exhibition for the beverage industry and for the liquid food industry. The exhibition is held fr...

Industrial Processing 2016

21 September 2016

Maselli Refractometers

02 September 2016
The refractometers from Maselli are represented by us in the Benelux countries and a variety of key producers are using the systems of Maselli. The...

Recycling exhibition 2015

13 October 2015
The Recycling exhibition 2015 in Gorinchem takes place in the period from 3 – 5 November. During this exhibition we present our solutions for...

Solids exhibition 2015 Rotterdam

14 September 2015
Solids is THE network event for the bulk industry for technology and processing of dry goods and solids. From the process industry innovations and ...

Retirement Hans Vonk per 28th of August 2015

14 September 2015
After working more than 40 years for Hans Vonk the time has come to enjoy his retirement. Hans started in 1974 and has specialized himself during h...

Test button for portal detectors

23 June 2015
According to the regulations in Belgium a site that has a portal detector must do a system test when there was no alarm during 30 days. To be able ...

Nuclear detector for hospital in Liege

23 June 2015
In one of the hospitals in Liege (CHU de Liege)  we installed a portal detector for detecting radioactive material in hospital waste. This install...

Newsletter June 2015

23 June 2015
The M.C. TEC newsletter from June 2015 is available. This newsletter contains information of the Zellcheming exhibition which is  held in Frankfur...

M.C. TEC at Solids exhibition in Antwerp 2015

17 February 2015
M.C. TEC will participate in the Solids exhibition in Antwerp on the 11th and 12th of March. On this exhibition we will prese...

New NIR on-line moisture sensor

02 November 2014
Sensortech introduces the new NIR6000 moisture sensor. The NIR6000 is an advanced model compared to the IR3000. The European introduction...

M.C. TEC installs 24 Portal Detectors this year

07 March 2014
Last year M.C. TEC has installed 24 portal detectors for checking verhicles on radioative contamination and radioactive sources. Some of the porta...
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