In response to the rising cost of ingredients and market volatility of raw materials, industries are increasingly looking for innovative solutions to streamline their operations and reduce waste. To meet these challenges, KPM Analytics has introduced the MCT 560 Online NIR sensor series.

Advanced technology for precise control

The MCT 560 series represents a significant advance in online sensor technology, providing accurate measurement capabilities for parameters such as moisture, oil (grease), coat weight and temperature. Designed for a wide range of industries, including paper processing, chemicals and food production, the series consists of three different models:

MCT 560: tailored for industrial production applications.
MCT 566: Optimised for food production, including snacks and baked goods.
MCT 569: Designed for food production with full dust and water tightness (IP69).

Improved performance and features

A notable feature of the MCT 560 series is its measurement speed, which scans three times faster than its predecessor, the MCT 460 NIR sensor series. Capable of capturing 99 data points per second, these sensors deliver real-time insights that are crucial for high-speed conveyor belt applications and accurate product analysis.

The series also introduces advanced usage features, improved ease of maintenance and a comprehensive user interface driven by the latest SensorVu™ software platform. This integration improves production control and supports seamless integration into existing conveyor systems.

Benefits for industrial operations

“With the MCT 560 Series, we aim to not only improve the speed of data collection, but also provide comprehensive solutions that optimise efficiency and quality,” says Chris Pike, senior global business development director for NIR products at KPM Analytics. Online NIR analytics enables manufacturers to increase yield, minimise waste and maintain consistent product quality by accurately monitoring moisture levels within tight tolerances.

Availability and contact

The MCT 560 Series Online NIR Analyzer is available now. For enquiries and orders, please contact M.C. TEC