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COBB Water Absorption Tester

For determination of water absorption. The Cobb tester measures the amount of liquid that has been absorbed by paper or cardboard within a certain time. The Cobb has a bottom area of 100cm² but is also available with inserts for smaller areas.


A weighed sample is clamped in the Cobb tester. 100ml of water (correspondingly less for smaller cylinders) are added to the cylinder. With COBB60, the water is left in the container for 45 seconds and then emptied away. The wet sheet is now removed and placed on the flat surface. Cover the sample with a Cobb blotter and gauze it with the roll. The sheet is then removed and reweighed. The COBB value is determined.


  • ISO 535
  • TAPPI T 441
  • Quick release device for clamping the sample
  • Cobb-Test quick and according to the standard
  • Also available with adaption to smaller sizes
  • Claming width:
  • S959300000/1/4 / approx. 2 cm / max. sample height 1,5cm
  • S959300003 / approx. 5-6 cm / max. sample height 4cm
  • S959300000 Cobb Water Absorption Tester For paper 100cm²
  • S959300001 Cobb Water Absorption Tester For cardboard 100cm²
  • S959300003 Cobb Water Absorption Tester For paper and board 100cm²
  • S959300004 For paper and board 100cm² Incl. 3 cylinders 100 cm², 25 cm², 10 cm²
  • S959301001 Couching roll with underlay
  • S953331004 Blotting paper Ø 140 mm (VPE = 100 pcs) – 246,85g/m²
  • S953331005 Tear template for sample preparation

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