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Domas Multispec

The Domas scanner system is a modern device for image analysis, which was developed specially for the paper industry by PTS Heidenau. It consists of a high-definition scanner with reflected light and transmitted light unit, and a separate PC. To ensure correct measurements, the scanner is pre-calibrated by PTS Heidenau. Exact adjustment is carried out with a calibration sheet supplied with the device.

The pre-installed analysis software makes possible the automatic and flexible analysis by the preselected module. The user modules can be extended according to requirements.



  • Multispectral image analysis system
  • Images acquired by flatbed scanner
  • Analysis results in clearly arranged tables and graphical diagrams.
  • WindowsTM¬†based system


  • Easy to use (results after three mouse clicks)
  • Standard compliance with (ISO, TAPPI, INGEDE)
  • Individual measurement parameters
  • Regular updates
  • Online support via Teamviewer
  • Open interfaces with enterprise data systems




  • S24100002 Domas runtime system
  • S24100003 Domas scanner and calibration
  • S24100080 Domas PC FPTW10CL WIN 10
  • S241000010 Module dirt specks
  • S241000020 Module stickies
  • S241000030 Module dirt specks & stickies
  • S241000040 Module sheet formation
  • S241000050 Module mottling
  • S241000060 Module blackening
  • S241000070 Module missing dots
  • S241000090 Module pinholes
  • S241000100 Module formation, mottling¬† & blackening
  • S241000110 Module missing dots & heliotest
  • S241000120 Module heliotest
  • S241000130 Module bleeding & wicking
  • S241000140 Module screen-, felt- and other structures
  • S241000150 Module coverage (for coated liner)

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