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Hitachi X-Supreme 8000 Benchtop XRF-analysator

For reliable quality control at the push of a button, The X-Supreme8000 is the ultimate benchtop XRF analyser for materials such as petrochemicals, polymers, minerals and general chemicals in production environments and laboratories.

Getting consistent, accurate analysis from production control instruments helps any process run more efficiently. Performance and flexibility The X-Supreme8000 makes it easy to get reliable, repeatable results by combining application-optimised hardware with software that is simple but powerful.

To take a measurement, the operator simply prepares the sample, loads it into the auto sampler and presses the start key. Results are displayed on-screen, including pass/fail messages and instructions on how to handle a sample that is out of specification. For added flexibility the X-Supreme8000 allows advanced users to easily develop custom calibrations by following the step-by-step method creation guide.

Video of the X-Supreme 8000 from Hitachi


Technical specifications:

Voltage: 220-240 V

Power consumption: 120 W


Element range : Na-U

Sample tray capacity: 10

Membrane keyboard with two-row display: MS Windows, optional touch screen

Atmospheric compensation: No

High-resolution detector: Yes

Helium purge for enhanced analysis of Na – CI: Yes

One touch to start measurement: No

Automatic data storage: Yes

Cloud-based data backup with LiveConnect: No

Factory calibrations for selected applications: Yes


External dimensions (W) x (D) x (H): 85 x 60 x 58 mm

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