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ML Spectro Analyzer

For measuring ISO whiteness, color, color differences, fluorescence and opacity.

The ModularLine Spectro Analyzer color and whiteness tester uses xenon flash technology and a two-beam spectrophotometer. Depending on the standard to be applied, different UV levels are available, which can simulate both daylight and artificial light. The test instrument is designed for high accuracy as well as stability and reliability. A wide variety of algorithms is used to perform a large number of calculations for each measurement, which can be displayed and processed if required. The automatic stack changer gives the tester a level of convenience. Not only in a ModularLine but also in a stand alone use.


  • Optical system with d:0° spherical geometry complies with most common standards
  • Easy adaptation of instrument parameters to other instrument
  • Good compatibility with predecessor and its measurement data
  • ProbeNet compatible
  • Single instrument version available
    (Spectro Analyzer)
  • Protection type: 2
  • Protection class: IP44
  • DIN53145 53147, 54500
  • ISO 2469, 2470,2471,3688,11475,11476
  • TAPPI T519, T525, T527
    *more standards on request
  • Compact device with built-in industrial PC
  • Dual beam spectrophotometer with touch screen
  • Spectral range 360-740nm wave length
  • d/0 geometry of the sphere, pulsed xenon flash lamp
  • S623000002 ModularLine Spectro Analyzer
  • S623001001 Punch for sample stack (manual) (Without punch main unit is not functional)
  • S406900001 ProbeNet software incl. 1 licence
    * requirements explained upon request


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