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Moisture Analyser DBS 60-3

The Kern moisture analyser DBS 60-3 is a high precision device with integrated memory and a graphical display. It has a backlit LCD screen, which displays drying program, previous drying time, current temperature, unit of the result, the current moisture content in percentage and drying mode/status drying. The last value measured remains on the display until and it is replaced by a new measurement.


DBS 60-3
Price in € * 1.650,00
Construction type of the scale Single-range balance
Drying modes Standard drying, Rapid drying, Gentle drying, Drying in levels
Linearity ± 0,003 g
Immediately Available yes
Temperature [Max] (°C) 200 °C
Weighing capacity [Max] 60 g
Temperature [Min] (°C) 50 °C
Input voltage device / power [Max] 220V -240V AC, 50Hz
Readability moisture [d] (%) 0,01%
Readability [d] 0,001 g
Reproducibility 0,001 g
List price 1650,00 €
Switchoff criteria time controlled, automatic, manual
Stabilization time 3 s
Units g, % Humidity, % Dry mass, % ATRO
Product family DBS
Product group Moisture analyser
Weighing system Single-Cell

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