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MP01 – Control Panel Basic receiver for beverage analyzers

The MP01 is a multi-parameter color touch screen controller that offers precise process monitoring capability. It displays the results locally and provides an output signal that can be used for process control. The output signals can be configured as analog or digital (Profibus on request). The MP01 provides a user-friendly interface that is used to manage all settings and calibrations for the sensors that are connected. The controller can be configured to communicate directly to Maselli M8 data collection software in the laboratory.


  • Color touch screen panel
  • ma and digital outputs
  • Profibus option for connection with PLC
  • Communication with Maselli Multilab software


MP01 Receiver
MP01 is a touch screen receiver with all the
parameters at your fingertips. Find a summary of
all alarms that allows you to quickly take action.
Easy to install, different set up for various application available

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