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PMSA paper cut sheet moisture sensor

At-line moisture analyser with PC software for determination of water content of single paper sheets The PMSA is a laboratory instrument for the determination of absolute water content of single paper sheets. Contrary to the traditional kiln-drying method, the PMSA paper moisture analyser determines the water content within a few seconds.

The PMSA can be used for analysing samples taken directly from the paper machine as well as for the incoming and exit control of paper sheets.


Measuring range 1 to 20% water content (depending on product type)
Grammage range 30 to 800 g / m²
Paper thickness Up to a maximum of 0,8 mm (larger range on request)
Paper size At least 180 x 180 mm
Temperature range +10 to +40 °C
Dimensions 274 x 202 x 128 mm
Weight 4,7 kg
Power supply and connection to PC 5 VDC (USB B mini socket)

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