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Pulp Brightness Reversion Apparatus – OpTest

The PBRA is used in studies to optimize both cooking and bleaching processes of pulp. The device can also be used for quality control of the pulp mill.


Product Name Pulp Brightness Reversion Apparatus
Product Code LEA93
Standards/Methods TAPPI Method T 260 om
PAPTAC Standard Method E.4P
Test Material Pulp
Manufacturer OpTest Equipment Inc.
Availability from OpTest Worldwide

Used in studies to optimize both cooking and bleaching processes as well as pulp mill quality control.


The pulp is aged at 100°C and 100% relative humidity in an apparatus designed to protect the pulp samples from being splattered by the boiling water or condensation drops from the lid.


The Pulp Brightness Reversion Apparatus consists of a stainless steel vessel that holds thirty-two 25 cm2 pulp specimens. The insulated vessel is heated with an external hot plate (not supplied). An internal drip roof prevents any condensation from falling onto the samples.

The reversion obtained after one hour at 100°C and 100% RH correlates with natural reversion.

The Apparatus is in full accordance with the PAPTAC Standard Method E.4P and TAPPI Method T260 om. It is completely fabricated of stainless steel for easy cleaning and long service life.



Apparatus:     280 mm W x 280 mm L x 300 mm H(11″ W x 11 L x 12″ H)

Samples:       50 mm W x 50 mm L(2″ W x 2″ L)



Net:         10 kg (22 lbs)

Gross:     12 kg (27 lbs)

Volume:   0.09m3 (3.2 ft3)

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