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Radiological Control of Container Load (RCCL)

RCCL is a Radiation Portal Monitor specifically developed for the detection of potential radioactive sources or contaminated residuals in hospital and health care activity waste.

RCCL operates automatically in both static and/or dynamic mode, so the operator does not have to stop in front of the detector. The extreme simplicity of use eliminates the need for external intervention or trained staff.



  • PVT (PoliVinyl Toluene) plastic scintillator, coupled with high-diameter PMT with low electronic noise


  • 2.5 – 5 – 25 Liters

Energy range:

  • from 30keV to 5MeV

Response time:

  • <1sec

Operative temperature range:

  • -20°C / +50°C

Power supply:

  • 110Vac / 220Vac

RCCL architecture benefits include:

  •  low cost of ownership
  • easy maintenance
  • wide automation and easy operation.


Special custom design option to satisfy specific customer needs.

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