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RC24 – Control Panel – Optional receiver for in line refractometers

The RC-24 is a basic single-parameter controller that makes it possible to operate and control an in-line Maselli sensor from a distant location. This is particularly useful when an analyzer is installed in a position which is difficult to reach or if the sensor in question is not equipped with a local display. The RC-24 is connected to the sensor via RS485 serial interface. The Controller provides an output signal that can be used for process control.


  • Capable to handle 2 analyzers
  • Touch screen panel
  • mA and digital outputs
  • Communication with Maselli Multilab software


Measurement temperature: -5…+90°C (23…194°F)
Max sterilization temperature: 95°C (203°C) x 30 min
Line pressure: max. 10 bar (145 psi) at 20 °C (68 °F)
max. 8 bar (116 psi) at 100 °C (212 °F)
Power supply: AC 24V +/- 10%, 50…60Hz, 80mA
DC 24V +/- 10%, 80mA
– Digital- Analog
RS485 for connection to Remote Control Repeater
RC-24 (option).4…20mA into 470Ω
Protection Category: IP67 to EN60529
Dimension and weight: Ø80 (b) x 173 (d), 0.5 kg

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