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SenWare CR100 Color Monitor

The SenWare CR100 Series offers advanced, versatile colour monitoring systems designed for diverse industrial applications. With robust on-line, laboratory, and hand-held models, these devices ensure precise colour measurements, facilitating quality control and process optimization. The on-line CR100 monitors process variables in real-time, the CR100LG provides reliable lab-based measurements, and the CR100 Hand Held offers portable, on-the-go analysis. Each model features intuitive interfaces, various colour space outputs, and easy data management via USB.

Overview of applications


Measurement Colorimetric
Light Source White Light LED 6500K (D65) standard
Geometry O° Measure 20° Illumination
Resolution 12 bit A-D
Repeatability 0.0244%
Fast Gating option Greater than 300 readings/second Internally
Measured Colour Constituents L*, a* and b* simultaneously (other scales available)
Ambient Temperature 0 – 60°c
Nominal Product distance 200 mm
Product Height compensation +/- 20mm (Product dependant)
Power 90-240 VAC 15 watts
Outputs Analogue 4-20mA, 0-10V, Digital RS232/485, Ethernet, Bus Outputs available
Interface LCD 5” Touchscreen as standard

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