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SiftAI® Foreign Material Detection System

Improve the Safety, Consistency, and Quality of Food Products

Leveraging artificial intelligence, the SiftAI® Foreign Material Detection System is engineered specifically for hunting down things that don't belong. The detection systems are integrated into existing processes to automatically remove the foreign material from the production line or inspect incoming raw ingredients. SiftAI® Foreign Material Detection Systems are trusted by food producers and packers worldwide for identifying defects in free-flowing materials.



  • Unrivalled precision & accuracy
  • Advanced technology accommodates natural variations
  • Based on AI and Machine Learning technology
  • Detect virtually any foreign material
  • Best model performance – regular model updating
  • Outstanding data accessibility
  • Small footprint
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  • Identifies difficult objects such as hair, plastic, cardboard, indigenous materials and metal.
  • Handles products with mass variation while accommodating products with natural variations with industry-leading precision.
  • SiftAI’s software is updated frequently by a team of engineers to ensure the highest standard of accuracy is being maintained.
  • Our system provides continually-updated data about the products that are evaluated by SiftAI’s cameras (such as foreign objects logs, defect logs, throughput metrics, and size distributions).
  • The SiftAI technology is small and is easily installed above your existing conveyor or rejection system.

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