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SiftAI® Sorting, Sizing, & Grading System

Revolutionizing Sorting, Sizing & Grading With Advanced Artificial Intelligence

Leveraging artificial intelligence, our SiftAI® vision system sorts out defects in your products and sizes & sorts them with industry-leading accuracy. Our innovative technology enables your processing facility to control the quality and consistency of your products while reducing labor costs.

SiftAI® is faster, more reliable, and more cost-effective than human graders and other sorting systems. If your packing shed is still using outdated optical sensors, SiftAI® can integrate into them as a drop-in replacement, effectively transforming and improving your operations.



  • Automated sorting and grading
  • Unrivalled precision & accuracy
  • Advanced technology accommodates natural variations
  • Based on AI and Machine Learning technology
  • Best model performance – regular model updating
  • Outstanding data accessibility
  • Small footprint
  • Highly versatile and customizable
  • User friendly interface
  • Web-based management tools
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  • Improved throughput times & waste reduction allow for maximized yield
  • Grade consistency through technology
  • Decreased labor costs and time constraints
  • Full operator visibility
  • Improved efficiencies and best practices
  • Handles products with mass variation while accommodating products with natural variations with industry-leading precision
  • SiftAI’s software is updated frequently by a team of engineers to ensure the highest standard of accuracy is being maintained
  • Our system provides continually-updated data about the products that are evaluated by SiftAI’s cameras (such as foreign objects logs, defect logs, throughput metrics, and size distributions)
  • The SiftAI® technology is small and is easily installed above your existing conveyor or rejection system

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