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Sightline IL-Series Vision Inspection System

100% Vision Inspection for Food Manufacturing

The Sightline In-Line Vision Inspection Solutions are designed to be quickly installed into any new or existing production line. These turn-key solutions offer 3D, full color, 360-degree product quality inspection solutions capable of extracting multiple quality parameters simultaneously at speeds of up to 100 objects per second. For advanced process control, each system is equipped with a conveyor, cameras selected for your specific application, a choice of rejection options, and our proprietary measura® software suite.



  • Integrates seamlessly into existing production lines
  • 100% inspection with rejection, up to 100 objects/second
  • Variable speed inspection conveyor included
  • Operator Interface included for full control at the line
  • Various rejection mechanism choices
  • Supports multiple camera and lighting types
  • Optional bottom and side cameras enable complete 2D & 3D measurement capabilities.
  • Built-in library with 150+ measurements and growing
  • Generates production metrics (uptime, throughput, etc.)
  • Models available: IL-300 to IL-2000


  • Know more about your product compared to manual methods
  • Make quick decisions and adjustments to the production line using the analysis data
  • Ensure that only products meeting your specifications reach the customer
  • Ensure consistent product quality between batches, shifts, and sites
  • Save costs and reduce waste, which improves your company’s bottom line
  • Protect your brand by meeting consumer expectations consistently
  • Save time with reporting, all results are saved & organized
  • Achieve competitive advantages

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