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Sightline P-Series Vision Inspection System

100% Inspection for Meat & Poultry Processing

Vision Inspection for meat and poultry applications is critical at key stages, such as primary processing, secondary processing, and final inspection of prepared foods. This data allows meat producers to make data-driven decisions and streamline their QA processes.



  • Analyze every single product on your line to continuously monitor key process and product attributes
  • Data powerhouse – know everything about your products and processes as it happens
  • Easy integration into your existing production line
  • Hygienic design options to meet food production facility standards
  • Product-specific rejection mechanisms available
  • Established solutions for a wide range of products and processes


Cost Savings

  • Labor savings
  • Reduced waste

Improved Product Quality & Safety

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Brand protection
  • HACCP control point
  • Ensure consistent product quality between batches, shifts, and sites

Data Driven Decisions

  • Industry 4.0 ready
  • Feedback control
  • Analytics & reports
  • Process improvements

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