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SpectraStar XT NIR Analyzer Series

Make Data-Driven Decisions with Highly Accurate Results

The Unity® Scientific SpectraStar™ XT NIR Analyzer Series is a comprehensive line of plug & play solutions for laboratory and at-line compositional analysis of solids, powders, forages, seeds, liquids, slurries, and other products. From analyzing moisture, protein, fat, sugar, and fibers, to more complex parameters such as ash, fatty acids, and lignin, the SpectraStar™ XT NIR Analyzer Series is trusted by thousands of quality laboratories and production facilities to enhance their processes and make data-driven decisions with highly accurate results.

Available with KPMLink, a cloud-based software suite to support the real-time remote configuration of product settings, calibrations, and review of test results from any instrument worldwide



  • Access an extensive library of robust calibrations developed from hundreds-to-thousands of samples to validate incoming ingredients or grab-samples for important quality parameters
  • Designed for ease-of-use; only minimal training required for routine operators
  • Advanced sample management and reporting features makes the analyzer lab-ready
  • Sealed case with 17” touch screen monitor for easy operation in laboratories or at-line on the production floor
  • Windows®10 Professional computer with SSD provides easy integration into computer networks


  • Obtain vital quality parameter data in about 30 seconds, enabling quick response for quality control
  • Make quick decisions and adjustments to the production line using reliable data
  • Easy-to-use with graphical interface and modular configuration, requiring minimal training for routine operators
  • Minimal sample preparation required
  • Environmentally friendly; requires minimal energy use with no hazardous chemicals or waste
  • Save costs and reduce waste, which improves your company’s bottom line





SpectraStar™ XT-3 – Rapid Analysis of Moisture, Oil, and /or Protein

  • Our entry-level analyzer for analysis of more simple sample types
  • Designed for ease of operation with intuitive graphical software
  • Single sample series results, history, or SPC chart sample views
  • Perfect for oilseeds, olives, and applications where you are monitoring extraction or drying processes

SpectraStar™ XT-F – Optimized for Flour, Wheat, & Wheat By-Products

The complete package of accessories and calibrations needed for millers and bakers

  • For whole wheat kernels: Protein and moisture calibrations to ensure incoming wheat quality and monitoring the tempering process
  • For finished flour: Calibrations to measure moisture, protein, ash, as well as water absorption and rheological parameters
  • For by-products: Moisture and protein calibrations for nutritional content

SpectraStar™ XT-R – High-Performance Extended Range NIR Analyzer for All Applications

  • Available with Ingot Calibrations from Aunir™ for feed, feed ingredients, and forage. These calibrations have been developed from thousands of samples across many years and geographies.
  • Broad wavelength coverage supports calibrations for fibers, sugars, fatty acids, starch, and other difficult parameters

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