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Spectro Analyzer

For determining ISO brightness, colour, colour differences, fluorescence and opacity. The Spectro Analyzer perfectly meets the requirements for fast and accurate measurement of optical characteristics of paper during the production process.

The optical system, which uses a d:0° spherical geometry with a measuring aperture of 30 mm, fully complies with all relevant international standards such as ISO, SCAN, DIN, TAPPI, CPPA and AFNOR. Using the patented numerical UV control (NUVC), it is a highly accurate and reliable bench top spectrophotometer in the production environment.

Controlled via the tablet panel and dedicated software, the Spectro Analyzer can provide values for colour, hue, whiteness, yellowness, brightness, fluorescence and opacity. Moreover, the numerical UV control allows easy adjustment of the instrument's parameters to other instruments, ensuring perfect data correlation.


  • Optical system with d:0° spherical geometry meets all common standards
  • Easy adjustment of instrument parameters to other instruments
  • Good compatibility with its predecessor and its measurement data
  • Improved target acquisition via camera preview
  • Smaller measuring range possible
  • ProbeNet compatible
  • Modularline version available (coming soon)
  • Protection rating IP20 / 2
  • DIN 53145 53147, 54500
  • ISO 2469, 2470, 2471, 3688, 11475, 11476
  • TAPPI T519, T525, T527
  • Compact device with built-in touchscreen
  • Double beam spectrometer with d/0° geometry
  • Measurement with different light sources without recalibration
  • Automatic calculation of the standard deviation after multiple test sequences
  • Sensor: silicon photodiode cell (2×40 elements) diffraction grating
  • Light source: Xenon flash bulbs (3 pieces)
  • Device comparability: average ΔE* 0.20 12 BCRA Series II (ceramic tiles compared to the master device under KM calibration conditions)
  • UV balance: 100% / 0% / adjusted
  • 400nm and 420nm UV blocking filters (NUVC: numerical UV adjustment, no mechanical filter movement required)
  • View example: using built-in camera; software (not included)
  • S406060000 Spectro analyzer
  • S406051009 UV tile (working standard)
    (If you do not already own the UV tile, it is recommended for the new purchase of the device)
  • S406900001 ProbeNet software including one license
    *requirements will be happy to explain upon request

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