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Tambour Cutter

To cut a 300 mm wide, cross direction strip from the machine reel.



– Cutting unit is adjustable in height and angular.
– Slitter and winding are battery operated.
– A parallel 300 mm sample is cutting widthwise along reel.
– Bobbin is available in 3 diameters (50 mm, 75 mm, 110 mm) and easy to change.
– During cutting rewind of sample is automatically.
– When cutting thin paper grades, some layers can be cut simultaneously.

Test description

Turn the cutter unit for cutting from the desired side (normally the drive side). Connect the charged battery. Adjust the height of the cutter to a suitable position. Install desired size of bobbin for winding. Ensure that the bobbin fits correctly in the lower plate. Insert the guide rails under the first layer of paper while adjusting the angle of the cutter. When cutting thin paper grades, some layers can be cut simultaneously. Switch on power to the motor by pressing and holding the start button. Move the cutter along the reel. When the end of the strip is long enough (about one meter), press it against the bobbin for winding while the motor is working. Continue to move the cutter along the reel and check the winding of the strip. At the end, release the start button. Lift the upper plate and remove the bobbin with the wound paper roll.

Technical data

Electricity: 12 V DV
Battery: 12 V Pb
Battery capacity: 15 Ah
Cutting width: 300 mm
Base dimension: 660 x 700 mm
Height: 1350 – 2000 mm
Net weight: 25 kg
Gross weight: 40 kg

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