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X-Ray and Gamma Radiation Monitor – Dosimeter AT1121-AT1123

Portable multifunctional wide-range instruments for continuous, short-term and pulsed X and gamma radiation dosimetry.


Detector Scintillation plastic, Ø30×15 mm
Measurement range of ambient radiation dose rate equivalent
     Continuous radiation
AT1121, AT1123
50 nSv/h…10 Sv/h
     Short-term radiation
AT1121, AT1123
5 µSv/h…10 Sv/h
     Impulse radiation
0.1 µSv/h…10 Sv/h
Measurement range of ambient radiation dose equivalent 10 nSv…10 Sv
Energy range 15 keV – 10 MeV
Energy dependence of sensitivity relating to 137Cs
in the following range:
     15 keV…60 keV ±35%
     60 keV…3 MeV ±25%
     3 MeV…10 MeV ±50%
Minimum duration of impulse radiation for impulse 10 ns
dose rate 1.3 Sv/sec (AT1123)
Minimum duration of short-term radiation 30 ms
Limit of intrinsic relative measurement error
     For continuous and short-term radiation ±15%
     For impulse radiation ±30%
Sensitivity for 137Cs 70 cps/µSv·h-1
Time of 137Cs gamma radiation dose rate measurement with
statistical error ±15% (P=0.95) for the following dose rate:
     50 nSv/h ≤60 s
     0.3 µSv/h ≤10 s
     ≥2 µSv/h (10 Sv/h max.) ≤2 s
Sensitivity to associated beta radiation of 90Sr + 90Y 3·10-7 µSv/h-1·Bq-1
with a “0.06 – 10 MeV” cap at 5 cm distance
Operation mode setup time 1 min
Power supply and continuous run time
     Alternate or direct current mains At least 24 h
     Internal battery
          AT1121 ≥ 24 h
          AT1123 ≥ 12 h
Working temperature range -30°C…+50°C
Relative humidity with air temperature ≤35°C without condensation ≤95%
Protection class IP54
Overall dimensions, weight 233x85x67 mm, 0.9 kg

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