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XRF Analyzer EA1400

For customers in such variety of application fields as process and quality control of cement or slags, failure analysis of abnormal spot, and inspection of foreign matter as well as RoHS inspection, the EA1400 delivers on reducing measurement time, simplifying the management of measurement results, reducing operational mistakes, and improving efficiency.


  • Benchtop EDXRF analyzer
  • Fast RoHS compliance screening (Pb, Hg, Cd, Cr, Br)
  • Typical RoHS screening time: < 35 seconds (for plastics), < 170 seconds (for brass)
  • Automatic selection of calibration for RoHS screening
  • Element range: Al (13) – U (92), Na (11) – U (92) with vacuum option
  • Materials analysis: fully qualitative and quantitative analysis using empirical and standardless (FP) calibrations
  • Thin film (coating thickness) analysis (option)
  • Sample type: solids, liquids, powders
  • Detector: High resolution silicon-drift detector (SDD) for optimum spectral resolution and results accuracy
  • Optimized measurement conditions with 5 programmable filters
  • Analysis atmosphere: Ambient air, Vacuum for enhanced sensitivity (option)
  • Analysis area diameter: 1mm, 3mm, 5mm (programmable)
  • Sample observation: color CCD camera
  • Single sample analysis, 12-position sample changer (option)
  • Chamber size: 304(W) × 304(D) × 110(H)mm
  • Data management: data and trend management software to ensure consistent product quality and compliance
  • Operation: Laptop or desktop PC


Mode; EA1400
Measurable elements Na(11)~U(92)
Environment Normal atmosphere (Al~U)
Vacuum (Na~U) *Optional
X-ray direction X-Ray Vertical Irradiation (Coaxial Sample Observation)
X-ray source Small Air-cooled x-ray tube (Rh target)
Detector Newly developed Silicon Drift Detector (SDD)
Measurement Area 1,3,5 mmφ
Filter 5 filters automatic switching
Sample chamber 304(W)×304(D)×110(H)mm
Weight 69 kg
Power requirements AC100~240V (50/60Hz)/190VA
Sample changer Compatible (12samples) *Optional

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