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Modular-Line Single Transport Unit

Transport unit die geschikt is voor automatisch testen met 1 Modular-Line toestel van FRANK-PTI.


Method description
PTA-Line automation in the laboratory begins with the design of the first device. The PTA-Line single transport is a roller transport system that can be mounted and fixed to any PTA Line testing device. The speed and frequency of feed motion can then be set via the test program. This makes an individual measurement device into a fully-fledged profile measurement system. The testing device can still be used as an independent laboratory device.The PTA-Line single transport guarantees a simple and effective first step into the world of laboratory automation

Test description
With the help of the profile sample cutter (see page 197) a 30 cm wide profile sample can be prepared.
This is then placed in the sample intake mechanism of the PTA-Line single transport. A signal lamp then indicates if the sample is correctly clamped. At the measuring device itself, the corresponding test program is selected and by pushing the start button, the automatic profile test is started. The end of the sample is detected automatically and the test process is ended. The measurement data can then, according to requirements, by analysed and evaluated at the measurement device itself. The data can also be printed or transferred to a QMS to make it available for further processing.

• Easy to use
• Sample width: 30 cm (Sample cutter, see page 197)
• High-precision sample transport
• Sample transport speed and periode adjustable
• Automatic sample detection

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