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Sightline P-Series Visueel Inspectiesysteem

100% inspectie voor vlees- en gevogelteverwerking

Vision-inspectie voor vlees- en gevogeltetoepassingen is essentieel in belangrijke stadia, zoals primaire verwerking, secundaire verwerking en eindinspectie van bereid voedsel. Met deze gegevens kunnen vleesproducenten datagestuurde beslissingen nemen en hun QA-processen stroomlijnen.



  • Analyze every single product on your line to continuously monitor key process and product attributes
  • Data powerhouse – know everything about your products and processes as it happens
  • Easy integration into your existing production line
  • Hygienic design options to meet food production facility standards
  • Product-specific rejection mechanisms available
  • Established solutions for a wide range of products and processes


Cost Savings

  • Labor savings
  • Reduced waste

Improved Product Quality & Safety

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Brand protection
  • HACCP control point
  • Ensure consistent product quality between batches, shifts, and sites

Data Driven Decisions

  • Industry 4.0 ready
  • Feedback control
  • Analytics & reports
  • Process improvements

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