KPM Analytics / AMS recently launched its latest iCinac Wireless Acidification Analyzer. Available in both wireless and wired versions, the iCinac is used to study, develop or assess starter cultures related to food fermentation. It is the only multi-channel solution that uses probes with three parameters (pH, temperature, redox) for real-time, multi-sample and multi-parameter monitoring of the acidification process. The recently updated wireless version allows users to quickly set up the system without the limitation of power and signal cables. The new wireless version is available up to 16 channels and complies with ISO 26323/IDF 213 standards. The user-friendly application specific software assesses the lactic acid forming activity for effective process development and process control applications. The latest wireless improvements   version include doubling battery life, faster charging and the latest 2.4GHz wireless communication technology for more reliable operation. “The new wireless iCinac system expands our iCinac series to meet the growing number of applications for our customers outside of dairy applications. Now we are also seeing meat, fish, fruit, vegetable, wine and other product applications, which is exciting,” said Stefano Corradi, General Manager of AMS Alliance, a brand of KPM Analytics. “This latest version of our iCinac Wireless Analyzer provides our agri-food customers with a modular and scalable solution that gives them the insight they need for accurate development, testing and process control of fermentation ingredients.   See here  a video and see more information about the iCinac wireless and  Icinac bedraad.

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