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Absorption Tester

Absorption tester for measuring the absorption of water and ink in paper. This instrument is used... arrow_right

AgriCheck Grain & Flower Analyzer

High-Precision Transmission & Reflectance NIR Instrument The Bruins Instruments AgriCheck Plus is d... arrow_right

Air Permeability Tester – Gurley Tester

Our digital air permeability tester according to Gurley has  a pneumatic lifting and lowering de... arrow_right

Alarm Dosimeter AT2327

Alarm dosimeter is intended for radiation monitoring of radiation-sensitive and radiation-dangerous ... arrow_right

AT1125 Radiation Monitor

Portable high-sensitivity Radiation Monitors which is designed to search for and detect sources o... arrow_right

BA06 – Beer Analyzer

De BA06 Beer ... arrow_right

Bauer McNett Fiber Classifier

For the determination of fibre length of pulp by classi!cation. This instrument is ... arrow_right

Bekk Smoothness Tester

Instrument for smoothness tests on papers according to BEKK. The sturdy, stable instrument is equ... arrow_right

Bendinf Stiffness Tester

Our Bending Stifness Tester determines the dynamic forces in a 2-point bending test. The device i... arrow_right

Bendtsen Tester – Roughness & Porosity

The Bendtsen Tester measures the air permeability and surface roughness according to Bendtsen. Th... arrow_right

Box Compression Tester

Box compression tester and other kind of packages, with fixed and oscillate plates, to fulfil all... arrow_right

Brecht-Holl Fractionator

Instrument for the classification of mechanical pulp and shive content analysis. All parts are ma... arrow_right

Brightness- and Colormeter

For the determination of ISO brightness, colour, colour difference, fluoresc... arrow_right

Burst Tester

For determination of the burst strength and burst energy absorption (BEA) of paper o... arrow_right

Canadian Standard Freeness Tester

For measuring the rate of drainage of a dilute pulp suspension and expressing it in terms of freenes... arrow_right

Chip Classifier

Instrument for quick and reproducible determining the mean thickness and thickness distribution o... arrow_right

Cobb Oil & Water Absorption Tester

Cobb Tester for determination of oil- or water-absorption of paper or board. For the determinatio... arrow_right

Concentration Measurement ICC 2.45

Concentration, Brix value and Density measurement. If you want to use multiple measurements, this... arrow_right

Concora Medium Fluter

For the preparation of corrugated samples for CMT an... arrow_right

Control panels & software for Maselli inline analyzers

Maselli offers both a basic controller and a more sophisticated touch panel controller for precise p... arrow_right

Crush Tester

Crush Tester which determines the compressive strength of board and corrugated board (CCT, CLT, C... arrow_right

CSF – Canadian Standard Freeness Tester

The Canadian Standard Freeness Tester measures the degree of work done on the fibers during stock... arrow_right


For standardized disintegration of pulp suspensions.... arrow_right

DR10 – Lab differential refractometer

The DR-10 Easy Diet laboratory analyser is an innovative system for measuring the concentration o... arrow_right

ECT- Sample Saw

This ECT sample saw is designed to make coplanar samples for the ECT test. The sample saw is prov... arrow_right

Elmendorf Tear Tester

Our Elmendorf Tear Tester determines the tearing resistance of various materials (e.g. paper, boa... arrow_right


For homogenisation and continuous stirring of disintegrated pulp suspension.... arrow_right

FCT Round Sample Cutter

Cutter for corrugated board samples of 100 cm² for FCT tests. The special circular cutter winds ... arrow_right

Fiber Quality Analyzer FQA-360

The FQA rapidly and accurately measures fiber length, width, curl, % numeric fines and kink in di... arrow_right

FoodCheck Meat & Dairy Analyzer

Versatile, Trusted NIR Technology to Analyze Meat, Dairy Products, and More. The Bruins Instruments ... arrow_right

Futura Continuous Flow Analyzer

Futura 3 Continuous flow analyzer is a melange of technologies allowing to answer the needs of both ... arrow_right

Guardian HD Web Profiling Systems

Accurate moisture, coat weight and film thickness profiles for process control in even the most diff... arrow_right

High Porosity Tester

Porositeit tester speciaal geschikt voor tissue papier en filter papier. De bediening en uitvoering ... arrow_right

IB07 – Beverage Analyzer

The beverage analyzer IB07 is the only 100% in line system able to measure accurately Bx and CO2 of ... arrow_right

IB08 Frisdrank Analyse Systeem

The IB08 beverage analyzer is a complete inline quality control system. The analyzer measures carbon... arrow_right

iCinac LAB Fermentation Monitor

The new generation analyzer to control acidification process. The iCinac is the fourth generation... arrow_right

iCinac Wireless LAB Fermentation Monitor

New wireless solution developed for dairy industries to monitor the acidifying activity of lactic fe... arrow_right

IMPS-4400 Profile Moisture Measurement

Profile Moisture Measurement Systems which use an array of RF sensors to measure the moisture pro... arrow_right

InfraCheck NIR Reflectance Analyzer

Compact, Cost-Effective NIR Analyzer for Ground Products, Pastes, & Liquids The InfraCheck is an ea... arrow_right

LAB-X5000 & X-Supreme8000 XRF Analyzers

XRF analysis (X-ray fluorescence) with the highly flexible and powerful energy-dispersive X-ray fluo... arrow_right

Laboratory Refiner LR40

Features ... arrow_right

Laboraty refiner

Features ... arrow_right

LP10 – Laboratory Analyzerfor beverage & beer

The LP series is a complete range of optical sensors studied for the beverage industry. The design i... arrow_right

LP20 – Laboratory & At-line Analyzer for beer & wine

Thanks to its portability features, the LP20 can be used either in the laboratory or at line for mea... arrow_right

LR02 Lab Refractometer

The LR-02 digital refractometer is designed for high performance concentration measurement both i... arrow_right

LR05 – Laboratory Refractometer

The LR05 laboratory refractometer has been designed to be accurate, robust andeasy to use. The proje... arrow_right

MCT460 Online NIR Smart Sensor

Rapid, continuous product analysis is critical in all manufacturing processes. To maintain consis... arrow_right

NIR6000 on-line NIR moisture sensor

The NIR Series of moisture analyzers are a Moisture Measurement and Control System designed for t... arrow_right

OpTest Formation Tester PPF

Our PaperPerfect Formation Tester is developed at the McGill University in Canada. The developed... arrow_right

OpTest Microscanner

The Micro-Scanner measures visible dirt... arrow_right

Packmoist at-line & laboratory moisture analyzer

The PackMoist Laboratory Moisture Tester uses Radio Frequency Dielectric Technology to provide an... arrow_right

Paper Moisture Meter RH5

Paper moisture meter for piles of paper. Also ideal for automatically monitoring the climate of p... arrow_right

PAS Spectrometer – Polytec Full Spectrum NIR Analyzer

Polytec PAS spectrometers provide the ideal solution to your NIR process analytics problems. Diode a... arrow_right

Personal Dosimeter PM1610

Professional personal dosimeter for measuring continuous and pulse X-Ray and Gam... arrow_right

Personal Dosimeter PM1621

Unique electronic personal radiation dosimeters for measurement of the exposure ... arrow_right


For refining of pulp samples under laboratory conditions... arrow_right

PMT-330 portable moisture meter

Portable moisture tester for measurement of moisture in board products like gypsum board, wood bo... arrow_right

Pneumatic Sample Punch

Pneumatic sample punch for making paper samples for various tests.... arrow_right

Pneumatic Sample Punch

For making pneumatic paper samples for various tests. Below you can download the brochures of the... arrow_right

PPS- Parker Print Surface Roughness Tester

The Parker Print Surface Roughness Tester measures the roughness according to the Print Surf meth... arrow_right

PTA-Line Control & Transport Unit

Central controller and transport unit of our automatic test system (PTA-Line). All settings for t... arrow_right

PTA-Line Gloss Meter

Measures the gloss on paper samples according to TAPPI 75° (T480) or ISO 8254-1. The instrument ... arrow_right

PTA-Line Micro meter

Micro meter which can be integrated in our automatic test system (PTA-Line).... arrow_right

PTA-Line Single Transport Unit

Transport unit for automatic testing with 1 PTA-Line instrument.... arrow_right

PTA-Line Tensile Tester

Tensile Tester which can be integrated in our automatic test system (PTA-Line).... arrow_right

Puncture Tester

To obtain the absorbed energy or puncture resistance on corrugated board for packaging.... arrow_right

QuikCheck NIR laboratory analyzer

Laboratorium en at-line vochtmeter gebaseerd op NIR technologie voor snelle vochtbepaling. Ook kunne... arrow_right

Radiation Monitor AT1117M (Dosimeter)

AT1117M Portable combined multifunction radiation monitor is designed for measuring X-ray, gamma and... arrow_right

Radiation monitor AT6130

Compact device intended for gamma and X-radiation ambient dose equivalent and ambient dose equiva... arrow_right

Radiation Portal Detector

Our portal detectors for nuclear control used for incoming inspection on vehicles. The portal de... arrow_right

Rotary Drum Dryer

Drying of paper and hand sheets with our drum dyer instrument. This instrument has a heated drum ... arrow_right

Round Sample Cutter

Round sample cutter for making paper samples of 100 cm2 (other dimensions also available).... arrow_right

Round Sample Punch

The robust round sample punch is mounted on a heavy, bonded plywood base. The round ... arrow_right

Sample Strip Cutter

Universal sample cutter for making paper samples for various tests.... arrow_right

SaphyGate Portal Detector

SaphyGATE G is an easy-to-use Radiation Portal Monitor optimized for truck, train and cargo radiatio... arrow_right

SAT450 Random Access Analyzer

Determine & Quantify Routine & Special Chemistries With Full Traceability & Reliability The AMS All... arrow_right

Schopper Riegler Freeness Tester

For the determination of the degree of refining (beating) of a pulp suspension in water and expre... arrow_right

Scott Bond Tester

Digital instrument to obtain the internal bond adhesion measurements in paper and cardboard. Pend... arrow_right

SCT – Short Span Compression Tester

The SCT – Short Span Compression Tester is designed for the determination of the compression st... arrow_right

Sheet Former Rapid Köthen Automatic

The machine consists of a strong stainless steel table with a waterproof polypropylene working to... arrow_right

Sheet Former Rapid Köthen KWT

For the production of standardised hand-sheets with a diameter of 200 mm and to enrich the white ... arrow_right

Sheet former Rapid Kothen Manual

For the production of standardised hand-sheets with a diameter of 200 mm.... arrow_right

Sheet former Tappi Semi-Automatic

Semi-automatic sheet former for making hand sheets according to Tappi en Scan standards.... arrow_right

Sheet Press

The Sheet Press is intended to dewater and compact freshly prepared handsheets of all kinds of pu... arrow_right

Sheetformer Tappi Manual

Manual sheet former for making hand sheet of paper pulp accoding to Tappi and Scan standard.... arrow_right

SmartChem 200 Wet Chemistry Analyzer

Fully automated, Direct read, Discrete analyzer to maximise productivity for routine and special che... arrow_right

SmartChem 210 Wet Chemistry Analyzer

The AMS Alliance SmartChem® 210 is a fully automated, wet chemistry direct read, discrete analyzer ... arrow_right

SmartChem 450 Wet Chemistry Analyzer

Fully automated high technology Discrete analyzer ... arrow_right

SmartChem 600 Wet Chemistry Analyzer

The new generation discrete analyzer. Two ranges: Smartchem 600 for Environmen... arrow_right

Somerville Shive Content Analyzer

Anlyzer for the determination of the shive content in pulp. From top down, the screening device ... arrow_right

Spectrometer – Nuclide Indentifier AT6102

AT6102,A,B Spectrometers are multifunctional portable single-block radiation monitoring devices prim... arrow_right

Speed Dryer

Speed dryer for paper. This instrument is designed for the rapid drying of hand sheets after pre... arrow_right

SST – Sonic Sheet Tester

Ultrasonic measuring device for the determination of the tensile stiffness index (TSI), tensile s... arrow_right

ST2200A RF On-line Moisture Sensor

The ST 2200A Moisture Measurement and Control System uses a Radio Frequency Dielectric Measuremen... arrow_right

Strip Punch

Manual strip punch for making paper test samples for various tests.... arrow_right

Tambour Cutter

To cut a 300 mm wide, cross direction strip from the machine reel.... arrow_right

Tensile Tester Horizontal

The horizontal Tensile Tester, model FRANK-PTI, has been developed especially for the paper indus... arrow_right

Tensile Tester Vertical

Our vertical Tensile Tester is a sturdy device which is available in three different heights. Th... arrow_right

Tissue Absorption Tester

Instrument for measuring the water absorption time and amount of water absorption of tissue. This... arrow_right

Twin Folding Tester – Folding Endurance

Our Twin Folding Tester (Folding Endurance) Determines the folding resistance of paper, according... arrow_right

UC09 – Inline Infrared CO-2 analyzer

The carbonation analyzer UC09 is a 100% in line system able to measure accurately... arrow_right

UG01 – Optical Oxygen Analyzer

The oxygen analyzer UG01 is a brand new innovative in line optical sensor capable... arrow_right

Universal Micrometer

The universal micrometer is especially suitable to measure the thickness of various materials. Th... arrow_right

UR24 – In-line process refractometer

The UR24 digital refractometer is a stand-alone unit designed for simple installation in-line or ... arrow_right

UR62 – Refractometer

The UR62 digital refractometer is a probe designed for simple installation in-... arrow_right

“Valley” Laboratory beater

For beating of pulp under standardized conditions for laboratory purposes.... arrow_right

“Valley” Laboratory beater

For beating of pulp under standardized conditions for laboratory purposes.... arrow_right

X-Ray and Gamma Radiation Monitor – Dosimeter AT1121-AT1123

Portable multifunctional wide-range instruments for continuous, short-term and pulsed X and gamma... arrow_right

X-ray Radiation Monitor – Dosimeter AT1103M

The AT1103M is a unique highly-sensitive devise for measuring radiation exposure on crystalline l... arrow_right

XRF Analyzer Explorer-5000

The Explorer 5000 XRF comes in various Models. The Explorere XRF can be calibrated to work for vario... arrow_right