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FCT Round Sample Cutter

The circular cutter was specially developed for FCT tests in the compression tester and is used to produce samples with an area of exactly 100 cm². Sharp, circularly guided knives achieve true-to- size circular samples with absolutely smooth edges.

Even "critical" materials such as thin foils, silk paper, corrugated cardboard, hosiery, nonwovens, carpets, artificial leather, fluffy or velvety fabrics can be cut without difficulty. A porous rubber plate serves as the cutting base, into which blades can penetrate without danger.



  • Device for presetting the cutting depth
  • Four needles prevent slipping of the specimen
  • Protection against injuries
  • Knives can be easily changed
  • Cutting pad included in delivery
  • Max. cutting depth: 13mm
    (depending on material)


  • S959360002 FCT Circular cutter with 13mm cutting depth
    *more models on request
  • Accurate surface measurement
  • Four needles prevent slipping of the specimen
  • No deformation of the cutting edges
  • With cutting pad to protect the blades and even more precise cuts

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