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Round Sample Cutter

Round sample cutter for making paper samples of 100 cm2 (other dimensions also available).


Device description

The punch for preparing samples for Elmendorf, twin folding or bending tests is a robust table device that operates according to the ‘punch & die’ principle. The punching is pneumatic and happens at the touch of a button. To prevent injury a safety guard is attached around the punching unit. Below the punching tool there is a sample drawer, from which the samples can be removed.

Process description

The sheets of material to be punched are pushed into the sample slot of the punch, which is a maximum of 4 mm high for safety. At the simple touch of a button, the punch moves down through the die and punches the sample. This falls into the sample drawer below the punching tool and can then be removed.

• Elmendorf samples acc. to TAPPI 62 x 50 mm
• Elmendorf samples acc. to ISO 63 x 50 mm
• Samples for bending tests 38 x 80 mm
• Samples for twin folding tests 15 x 110 mm

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