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Round Sample Cutter

For cutting circular samples to determine the grammage. The manual circular cutter, with 4 built-in special blades, cuts circular samples to 100 cm² precisely and with little effort according to the standard. Cutters for smaller areas are also available - 50cm², 25cm², etc. The circular sample cutter is suitable for paper, single-layer cardboard, textiles and foil and many other materials. For multi-layer cardboard, we recommend our FCT-cutter. The special protection design guarantees safe handling. The manual circular cutter is supplied with a cutting pad that prevents the sample from slipping during the cut and protects the blades from wear.


  • Four built-in special blades
  • Cut samples in a quarter turn
  • Safety device for safe use
  • Roughened floor for better grip
  • Suitable for paper, corrugated base paper, foil and textile
  • Up to sample thickness: 0.3-0.4mm (depending on material)

Process description

The sheets of material to be punched are pushed into the sample slot of the punch, which is a maximum of 4 mm high for safety. At the simple touch of a button, the punch moves down through the die and punches the sample. This falls into the sample drawer below the punching tool and can then be removed.

  • Manual Circular Cutter 100cm², Ø 112,8 mm
  • Manual Circular Cutter 50cm², Ø 79,8 mm
  • Manual Circular Cutter 25cm², Ø 56,4 mm
  • Manual Circular Cutter 10cm², Ø 35,7 mm
  • Manual Circular Cutter 113 cm², Ø 120 mm
    *Special sizes on request

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