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LP10 – Laboratory Analyzerfor beverage & beer

The LP series is a complete range of optical sensors studied for the beverage industry. The design is modular: the system can be composed of different analysis modules based on the needs and they are all handled by a single control panel. It is possible to upgrade the initial configuration with additional analysis modules at any time. Being used as bench top analyzer, the LP10 includes a semi-automatic sampler for picking the beverage samples from all types of containers. New feature is the capability of the LP10 system to measure also all types of Diet beverages. This is possible by adding to the system the analysis module DR20, which is the evolution of the DR10 shaped for the LP10. It is possible to have the LP10 Syrup version specific for the laboratory analysis of Brix and Fresh Brix of all kind of syrups. All the operations are easy and do not require skilled technicians: the design does not need maintenance being based on optical technology. The annual maintenance is recommended to perform the analyzer calibration according to traceable standards   See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Ol0Uu9THG8&feature=emb_logo  


Application Measurements of quality control samples in the laboratory in the beverage industry.
Measurements Limits: 0…18.5 Brix for “REGULAR” scale

0…2000 mBrix for “DIET” scale

0…200% for “%STANDARD” display scale

Accuracy: 0.1% of the range, maximum accuracy ±0.01 Brix with ±10 °C (±18 °F) variation for “REGULAR” scale

0.15% of the range, maximum accuracy ±0,003 Brix with ±2.5 °C (±4.5 °F) variation for “DIET” scale

Measurement scale: “BRIX”, “DIET” or “% STANDARD”; the “BRIX” scale is based on the nD/Bx ICUMSA conversion table (1974)
CO2 Measurement
Measurements Limits: 0…6 v/v (0…12 g/l)
Accuracy: 0.025 v/v (0.05 g/l)
Measurement scale: “v/v (Gas/Vol)” or “g/l”
O2 Measurement
Low Range
Measurements Limits: 0.0…2,000 ppb
Accuracy: +/- 1ppb
Measurement Scale: ppb, ppm, %
High Range:
Measurement limits: 4ppb…25ppm
Accuracy: +/- 7ppb
Measurement Scale: Ppb, ppm, %


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