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SDmatic 2 – Starch Damage

The CHOPIN Technologies SDmatic is a simple and precise instrument to measure damaged starch in flours for the milling and baking industries. It is a fully automated enzyme-free analyzer that produces a reliable measurement of starch damage with only one gram of flour and within 10 minutes. It is based on the amperometric method (Medcalf & Gilles). Damaged starch is naturally produced during the milling process and directly impacts flour’s properties and functionality. The SDmatic helps millers guarantee that they produce flours according to the specifications of their customers. For the secondary processing industry, it is a cost-effective tool for raw material quality control and to predict and control processing and end-product quality.



  • Fully automated enzyme-free analysis, based on the recognized amperometric method, Medcalf & Gilles.
  • Results in 10 minutes
  • Only 1 gram of flour needed for testing
  • Results in various measurement units (AI%, Unity Chopin Dubois, and Unity Chopin Dubois Corrected)
  • Compliant with international standards: NF EN ISO 17715:2015, ICC 172, AACC 76-33.01, FTWG N°24.
  • SDmatic results are strongly correlated with those of enzymatic methods. Therefore, it is possible to develop custom calibrations and install them on the instrument.


  • Build specifications using an amperometric method recognized by all the milling and baking industries.
  • Provides accurate, reliable data measurement: it is a standardized method, the analysis conditions are easy to control, and there is minimal human handling. This guarantees precision, reproducibility, and repeatability of the results.
  • The automation of the analysis increases efficiency and productivity: the test is quicker than other methods, without the need for additional equipment or highly trained people. Lab operators are thus freed-up from tedious tasks.

Understand Flour Baking Capability

The SDmatic measures the level of starch damage in flour.  This provides information on the flour baking capability: damaged starch multiplies the capacity of water absorption, and this impacts stickiness of the dough and leads to higher sugar production, which impacts the volume and color of final products.

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