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Alveograph Test series

The CHOPIN Technologies Alveograph Series is the industry-standard tool used to measure rheological properties of dough, such as tenacity, extensibility, elasticity, and baking strength. With this data, millers and bakers can predict the performance of flours used for baked goods, noodles, biscuits, etc. For millers, the Alveograph Series allows them to analyze and optimize blends of wheat and flour, or adapt them as needed for their customer. For bakers, the analysis data allows them to monitor incoming ingredients, test new recipes, control their production processes, and ensure high-quality final products.



  • Easy to use – simple, modern and intuitive interface
  • Standardized analysis – meets AACC 54-30, ICC 121, NF EN-ISO 27971, and GOST 51415-99 standards
  • Measures the main rheological properties – tenacityextensibilityelasticity, and baking strength


  • Monitor incoming wheat or flour to ensure you are starting with high-quality ingredients
  • Improve efficiency by conducting multiple tests throughout the day
  • Understand dough behavior for testing new recipes and controlling additives
  • Measure and adapt flour according to specifications
  • Understand dough behavior to provide consistent products for your brand
  • Use proven, industry-standard analysis for your testing procedures

The Alveograph Series is used by millers and bakers all over the world to provide test results that serve as reference for grains and cereals. Applications for the Alveograph include analysis of:

  • Wheat selection for baked goods or pasta
  • Durum wheat for pasta
  • Wheat or flour blends
  • Additives and ingredients
  • Proteases to understand the breakdown of proteins and peptides
  • Gluten
  • Insect contaminated wheat
  • Deactivated yeasts
  • Salt & sugar impacts

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