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Preparing test samples for the Hagberg falling number test, near-infrared analysis, or a Mixolab analysis involves making sure the grain has been processed into a fine, homogeneous flour. The Grinder-CHOPIN instrument provides a quick way to produce test samples for further analysis.



  • Built-in safety features for the protection of operators
  • High grinding capacity – 300 g/min & 800 g capacity
  • Low emission of dust due to the sealed chamber and the use of a nylon bag
  • Produces fine, homogeneous samples, improving the repeatability and accuracy of test results
  • Simple and robust design provides excellent longevity and very low cost of operation


  • Spend less time waiting – samples are ready in about 1 minute
  • Remove the need for multiple devices, the Grinder can be used for all types of grains
  • Less clean-up with sealed, controlled operations

Grain Elevators, Millers, and their Quality Control teams have specific requirements for grains and require analysis to ensure the product meets specifications. To produce quick grist samples, the Grinder-CHOPIN can be used for a wide variety of grains – wheat, barley, rye, etc.). The grist samples are typically used for:

  • The Hagberg falling number test, which measures the amount of pre-harvest sprouting that occurs in the grain while on the stalk in the field
  • Near-infrared analysis to measure hardness and levels of protein, fat, ash and water after grinding
  • Maintaining compliance with the AACC 54-60.01 and ICC 173/1 standards for the analysis ground wheat using the Mixolab test

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