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SST – Sonic Sheet Tester

The ModularLine sonic sheet tester is used wherever the characteristics of a material in further processing must be predicted. These range from simple cutting of the material to the final format, through colour printing, to corrugated board production.

The raw materials can already be tested during production control for possible difficulties during further processing. This makes it possible to take action right then during ongoing production, and avoid later complaints.

Additionally, the angle of maximum tensile stiffness orientation (TSO) provides the possibility of displaying the running characteristics of a paper machine. This allows the optimisation of processes, and the saving of time, energy, and effort.


  • Measuring sensors: 16 Sensors = 8 pairs
    Measuring angle: 11,25°
    Measuring diameter: 120 mm
    Measuring range: 20-200 μs (7,5-0,75 km/s)
  • Displayed results:
    – Tensile index (TSI) [kNm/g]: MD, CD, Max, Min, Ratio MD/CD, Ratio Max/Min
    – Tensile orientation (TSO) [°]: MD, CD
    – Measuring time [μs]
    – Speed[km/s]
  • Easy operation via the integrated touch screen
  • Displays the warp angle of the tambour
  • Measuring area: ø 120 mm
  • 32 measuring angles, each of 11.25°
  • Measuring range: 20 – 200 µs (7.5 bis 0.75 km/s)
  • 16 Ultrasonic sensors (8 pair)
  • Easy to handle, with display of the distortion angle of the reel
  • Display of graphs and single value directly on the touchscreen
  • Measuring time approximately 5 sec per measurement
  • Can be driven with single transport, and also built in a ModularLine

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