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Sheet former Rapid Kothen Manual

For the production of standardised hand-sheets with a diameter of 200 mm.


Applicable standards
– ISO 5269-2
– DIN 54358
– Zellcheming Merkblatt V/8/76

Device description
The warp resistant stainless steel frame is a robust base for the work table, in which a pump, hot water bath, the control unit, a return water filter and the water container are installed. A former column, dryer, the water circulation system, and the controls are mounted in the waterproof table surface. The control panel contains easy to read instruments and a timer for each dryer as well as a vacuum display. Between the former column and dryers there is a spacious work space for removing the manufactured hand sheets and preparing them for drying.

Test description
From the equalizer (see page 34), suspension is taken. The individual steps are carried out manually via the selector switch. First water is introduced to the former column. When it has been filled to the 4 litre mark, the suspension is added. When the 7 litre mark is reached the flow of water is stopped manually and agitation begins. After the agitation is completed, the suspension comes to rest and the draining process can start. The hand sheet forms on the screen frame. To provide it with the desired stability it is briefly treated with vacuum. Then the former column is opened, the hand sheet covered with a carrier board and couched. After removal it is given a cover sheet and put into the dryer. There the sheet is dried for the preset time (5 – 6 mins). After the drying is complete, carrier board and cover sheet are removed. The sample can then be made ready for further tests.

• Vacuum pump made of tin bronze
• All parts made of corrosion-resistant materials
• Water circulation inside the dryers acc. standard (3 – 6 l/min)
• Available with up to 6 dryers
• Dryer temperature: 93 – 97 °C
• Optional: Dryer temperature up to 145 °C

Technical data
Electrical connection: 400 V / 50 Hz
Water connection:
Compressed air: 400-600 kPa

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