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Sonic Sheet Tester

Instrument voor het bepalen van de Tensile Stifness Index (TSI) en Tensile Stifness Orientation (TSO). Ook kan de verhouding MD - CD van de TSI hiermee bepaald worden. Dit instrument is te gebruiken als stand-alone maar ook als geïntegreerd onderdeel van onze automatische teststraat (PTA-Line).


• Easy to handle, with display of the distortion angle of the reel
• Display of graphs and single value directly on the touchscreen
• Measuring time approximately 5 sec per measurement
• Can be driven with single transport, and also built in a PTA-Line

The Sonic Sheet Tester, built in PTA-Line design, measures the tensile stiffness index and the tensile stiffness orientation. The built in ultrasonic measuring head possesses 16 sensors. The large touchscreen serves as control device and displays graphs and single values. The individual fibres of paper are linearly geared towards machine direction. Thus the diagram gets an oval form. The SST device indicates if malfunctions are detected on the paper web.

Test description
The paper web is fixed in the device, precisely adjusted. By pushing the start button, the measuring head sinks onto the sample. 8 sensors send ultrasonic waves. These cross the paper to the opposite sensor. The speed is measured, which the ultrasonic waves require to cross the paper. Subsequently, graphs and single values are displayed. If using a single transport, the reel sample is automatically transported forwards, so that further measurements can be performed.

• Measuring sensors: 16 sensors (= 8 pairs)
– Measuring angle: 11.25°
– Measuring diameter: 120 mm
– Measuring range: 20-200 μs (7.5-0.75 km/sec)
• Display of results:
– Tensile stiffness index (TSI) [kNm/g]: MD, CD, max, min, ratio MD/CD, ratio min/max
– Tensile stiffness orientation (TSO) [°]: MD, CD
– Measuring time [μs]
– Speed [km/sec]

Technical data
Electricity: 110–230 V, 50–60 Hz
Water supply: None
Compressed air: 400–600 kPa
Dimensions (WxDxH): 33x60x68 cm
Net weight: 34 kg
Gross weight: 40 kg

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