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Fiber Quality Analyzer FQA-360

The FQA rapidly and accurately measures fiber length, width, curl, percentage numeric fines, and kink in dilute pulp samples. Optional software measures mean fiber coarseness according to ISO 23713, fiber wall thickness, hardwood/softwood blends, degree of external fiber fibrillation, shive analysis, and vessel element analysis. The patented flow cell resists plugging and orients fibers for correct image analysis.

The FQA meets or exceeds the specifications of Tappi Test Method T271, PAPTAC B.4, and ISO 16065-1 and -2. Accessories include the 6 Beaker Carousel and OpTiBlend software.

Demonstration of the FQA-360 from OpTest


Key Product Information:

Product Name: Fiber Quality Analyzer – 360 (FQA-360)
Product Code: LDA17
Standards/Methods: TAPPI T 271, ISO 16065-1, ISO 16065-2, ISO 23713, PAPTAC B.4
Test Material: Pulp
Manufacturer: OpTest Equipment Inc.
Availability: Worldwide


  • Rapid and accurate measurement of fiber length, width, curl, and kink for fibers from 0.05 mm to 15 mm
  • All fiber values measured simultaneously with a single camera
  • Polarized light provides accurate fiber length and shape measurements
  • Patented flow cell stays clean and prevents plugging
  • Exceeds the standard specifications of Tappi T271, PAPTAC B.4, and ISO 16065-1
  • Minimal maintenance requirements


  • Fiber length, width, curl, and kink
  • Mean fiber coarseness
  • Hardwood/softwood ratio
  • Degree of external fiber fibrillation
  • Shive analysis and vessel element analysis

Dimensions (including Beaker Carousel accessory):

  • 610 mm L x 560 mm W x 760 mm H

Weight (including Beaker Carousel accessory):

  • 45 kg


  • PC Workstation: Windows™ 7 or higher, 8 GB RAM, 2 Gigabit Ethernet connections, USB port, Microsoft Excel™ (2007, 2010 or higher), Minimum 20” display recommended
  • Power: 200W stable within 5% and transient free within 10%
  • Water: Pressure = 275 kPa (40 PSI), mineral free (less than 50 mg/L residue after evaporation), filtered (external at 5 μm) air-free (less than 0.05% free and bound air by volume)


  • Coarseness, Fiber Wall Thickness & Hwd/Swd Ratio Software
  • Shive Analysis Software
  • Vessel Element Analysis Software
  • Degree of External Fiber Fibrillation (%) Software
  • Calibration Check Fiber Kits
  • Water Filter Replacement Kits
  • Non-polarizing Optics


  • OpTiBlend: Software that uses data files to estimate the %-weight content of up to 5 species
  • Beaker Carousel (BC) to automatically test up to 6 specimens
  • PC Workstation & Excel™

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