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NexaFlo™ Segmented Flow Analyzer

The NexaFlo™ Series represents KPM's innovation in segmented flow analysis, built on three decades of analytical chemistry expertise through our AMS Alliance product brand. It presents a sophisticated and all-encompassing solution for the analysis of a wide array of samples, including sea water, drinking water, wastewater, environmental samples, soil, food, beverages, tobacco, and numerous other matrices. The NexaFlo™ Series fully automates the sample preparation process, allowing for both startup and shutdown to be remotely controlled from a computer. Such automation revolutionizes laboratory workflows by streamlining previously labor-intensive and complex sample preparation tasks



  • High Modularity: Integrated or combined instruments up to 14 channels, multiple flow cells, micro or macro flow.
  • High Performance: Method-dedicated analytical console for high throughput, up to 120 samples/hour with auto-sampler. Full automation of routine and complex chemistries.
  • Advanced Software: Tailored for Segmented Flow Analysis, user-friendly analytical software manages all parameters across each channel, and controls accessories. It supports EPA / ISO methods available for different matrices.
  • Improved Usability and Simplified Maintenance: Diagnostic tools, LED Instrument Health Status Indicator, manifold leak detector. Integrated color touchscreen display to monitor and adjust your method and chemistries (available with the NexaFlo™ 450). Designed for easy access to components, simplifying servicing.
  • Compliance with Reference Methods.


  • Improved Safety: Unique reagent containment to minimize risks of solvent vapor accumulation and reagent spillage, reduces clutter.
  • Increased Usability: Method-dedicated console approach and wide range of accessories cater to specific testing needs. Integrated color touchscreen display to monitor and adjust your method and chemistries (available with the NexaFlo™ 450).
  • Simplified maintenance: LED status indicator and enhanced accessibility to parts make maintenance straightforward.
  • Scalability and workflow: The modular design allows labs to adapt and expand testing capabilities with ease.

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