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Mixolab 2 – Dough Analysis

The CHOPIN Technologies Mixolab 2 is a universal dough characterizer that is used to evaluate the quality and baking performance of flours, and thus understand dough behavior. The Mixolab 2 simulates the constraints that the dough undergoes during the production process. By working on representative dough, the Mixolab 2 allows you to get as close as possible to the actual conditions of how the flour will be used in baked goods. The instrument measures the consistency of the dough and analyzes the quality of the protein and starch. With the Mixolab 2, bakers and millers can check the quality and regularity of their flours, assess the impact of enzymes, develop new formulations, such as those rich in fiber or gluten-free, and smooth production processes and quality of the finished products.



  • Intuitive automated testing for a complete assessment in 45 minutes
  • Customizable testing protocols
  • Unique & innovative – assesses dough as temperature increases and decreases
  • Profiler system efficiently classifies dough based on comprehensive quality parameters
  • Included Simulator protocol displays a reconstituted Farinograph® curve and provides fully comparable results
  • WIXO protocol for predicting alveograph results on small sample size
  • Compliant with ISO, AACC, ICC, CEN, AFNOR and GOST international standards


  • Provides a clear overview of the entire flour quality and the dough properties
  • Design specifications according to your specific process
  • Analyze doughs with various ingredients as well as complete formulas
  • Understand the dough behavior at the lab and at line
  • Improves operators’ productivity, repeatability and control thanks to the automated test and the comprehensive, and intuitive software
  • Use proven, industry-standard analysis for your testing procedures

The Mixolab 2 provides solutions for many professionals in the cereal industry. Below are the most common applications. However, many other professionals use the Mixolab 2 for multiple applications: manufacturers of ingredients, leaveners, research centers, R&D labs, and more.

For All:

  • Optimization of customer specifications and quality control

For Bakers:

  • Verify the conformity of delivered flours
  • Identify potential production issues in advance
  • Study the rheological behavior of fiber-rich flours and whole-wheat formulas
  • Facilitate the elaboration of gluten-free products
  • Assess the impact of various additives and ingredients (salt, sugar, fat, …)
  • Control the dough at-line (correct the water hydration according to the consistency of the dough, anticipate and correct an atypical behavior, have a better visibility of the process variables and adjust the process accordingly, have a complete characterization of an industrial process)

For Breeders

  • Facilitates wheat seed variety selection from generations F4-F5

For Millers:

  • Wheat testing at point of delivery
  • Detection of pest-infestation in wheats
  • Wheat and flour blends optimization
  • Adaptation of flours for final uses through precise dosing of additives
  • Analysis of different flour mill streams
  • Assess the impact of damaged starch

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