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iCinac LAB Fermentation Monitor

The new generation analyzer to control acidification process. The iCinac is the fourth generation of the Cinac system, an instrument developed in the 90s in partnership with INRA (UMR GMPA, lab G. Corrieu) at the request of major french dairy companies. It is currently the only system dedicated to monitoring the acidification activity of lactic ferments, which simultaneously observes the change in pH, temperature and redox potential of one or several samples in order to: - Determine the acid forming characteristics specific to the phylum studied - Evaluate and anticipate its impact on process development - Examine the influence of various parameters on acid forming capacity: different media, temperature, etc. - Define adequate inocula (mixing of phylum, complementary characteristics, etc.)   Furthermore, iCinac is the unique solution on the market to meet the specifications of the new ISO 26323 standard exactly (Determination of the acidification activity of dairy cultures by continuous pH measurement).   iCinac: the only acid forming analyser that provides... - Up to 96 simultaneous measurements : include 16 or 32 measurement channels, using the multi-parameter sensors - Up to 32 control outputs : It can be configured as needed: digital outputs, or 2 types of analog outputs: 4-20 mA or 0-10 VDC which can always be made afterwards. - Completely modular and flexible - New digital sensors - An integrated touch screen PC - Dedicated, user-friendly and intuitive software - The secret: multi-parameter digital sensors   The iCinac is equipped with the latest ISMĀ® technology digital sensors developed by Mettler Toledo. This intelligent sensor management technology converts mV signals into digital signals. It has the advantage of simultaneously measuring, on the same channel, the pH, temperature and redox potential of one sample.

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