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iCinac Wireless LAB Fermentation Monitor

Analysis of Lactic Acid Bacteria (L.A.B.)

iCinac Wireless is a fully integrated system to monitor Lactic Acid Bacteria fermentation kinetics that allows for a complete modular build and design.

iCinac Wireless permits running different kinetics fermentation experiments for Lactic Acid Bacteria via its pH/Temp and pH/ORP/Temp electrodes. iCinac electrodes communicate wirelessly with the iCinac Wireless receiver using transmitters. iCinac Wireless allows for a completely modular product build and can be expanded when desired with the acquisition of new transmitters and electrodes.

iCinac Wireless is an alternative for laboratories that want to perform L.A.B. kinetics monitoring without the bioreactor control part that the iCinac wired offers. iCinac Wireless allows operators the possibility to reduce the number of cables in their experimental area, reducing their overall experiment and design area footprint.


Cinac Wireless

Transmitter Battery 25-watt-hour rechargeable Li-ion
Time Between Charges Typically, 25 days under normal operation
Battery Charge Time Approximately 5 hours (2 hours to 60%) with optional charger
Transmitter Dimensions 52mm diameter x 133mm length (2” x 5.2”)
Wireless Range Up to 60 meters (indoors)
Minimum PC Requirements Windows® 10 OS, Intel® Core™ i5, 8GB RAM, 2 USB ports
Compliance EMC EN 61326-1 and FCC Part 15; Safety EN 61010-1
System Probes InLab® Smart Pro-ISM electrode for iCinac (pH/ORP/temp)
InLab® Smart Basic ISM electrode for iCinac (pH/temp)
System Components iCinac Wireless transmitter with rechargeable Li-ion battery. 1 to 16 transmitters per receiver and license.
iCinac Wireless receiver, software, and license
Optional iCinac wireless charger for up to five transmitters

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