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iCinac Wireless LAB Fermentation Monitor

New wireless solution developed for dairy industries to monitor the acidifying activity of lactic ferments by continuous pH observation. Continuous & Wireless pH observation   Originally, iCinac system has been developed for dairy industries to monitor the acidifying activity of lactic ferments by continuous pH observation. With 16 or 32 channels, the instrument uses multi-parameter digital probes with ISM® technology, manufactured by Mettler-Toledo, that can simultaneously take 3 measurements on a single channel: pH, temperature and Redox.   AMS Alliance launches in 2018 his last innovation: the iCinac Wireless version.   This very convenient and portable solution uses the same multi-parameter digital probes for continuous observation of the change in pH, but without cables and device. Each digital probe is equipped with a wireless transmitter which relays data to a the receiver, a USB key on your PC that runs with our new user-friendly dedicated analytical software.   You can multiply the probes as required, from one to 16 channels; if needs change, you just need to acquire an additional probe. The long-range wireless transmission covers several hundred meters ; each digital probe guarantees an autonomy of several days (up to 30 days autonomy). The system has the advantage of simultaneously measuring, on the same channel, the pH, temperature and Redox potential of one sample. Data are analyzed in real time by the software.   This ready-to-use package is delivered in a customized suitcase, with optional battery charger. The software can be set up on your own computer. This flexible, low cost, modular, removable and scalable solution is easy to deploy and simplify the measurement. It is of course intended for the dairy industries (yoghurt, cheese, specialties, etc.) as well as any industry requiring continuous and multi-channel monitoring of pH: chemistry, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, agri-food (beer, spirits, meat, etc.). Furthermore, it meets the specifications of the ISO 26323 standard (Determination of the acidification activity of dairy cultures by continuous pH measurement).


Cinac Wireless

Transmitter Battery 25-watt-hour rechargeable Li-ion
Time Between Charges Typically, 25 days under normal operation
Battery Charge Time Approximately 5 hours (2 hours to 60%) with optional charger
Transmitter Dimensions 52mm diameter x 133mm length (2” x 5.2”)
Wireless Range Up to 60 meters (indoors)
Minimum PC Requirements Windows® 10 OS, Intel® Core™ i5, 8GB RAM, 2 USB ports
Compliance EMC EN 61326-1 and FCC Part 15; Safety EN 61010-1
System Probes InLab® Smart Pro-ISM electrode for iCinac (pH/ORP/temp)
InLab® Smart Basic ISM electrode for iCinac (pH/temp)
System Components iCinac Wireless transmitter with rechargeable Li-ion battery. 1 to 16 transmitters per receiver and license.
iCinac Wireless receiver, software, and license
Optional iCinac wireless charger for up to five transmitters

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