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Chopin EM10 Oven

The CHOPIN Technologies EM10 determines moisture content of all cereals and powders (flours, semolina & bran) according to approved standards and methods, plus it checks and calibrates other analyzers such as NIR and moisture meters. The unit is composed of 10 separated compartments for analyzing 10 samples simultaneously, useful in any lab aiming to control moisture for cereal and grain products (milling, baking, control, storage, universities, etc).



  • Analyze moisture content for all types of cereals and powders
  • 10 individual compartments equivalent to 10 separate ovens
  • Automatic temperature regulation to +/- 0.1°C
  • Compliance with international standards and approved methods
  • Complimentary device for many quality-testing processes


  • Accurate & Safe
  • Precise heat control  and uniform heat transfer for reliable results
  • Separated compartments ensure that there is no cross-contamination between tested samples
  • The EM10 Oven has an insulated outer casing for safe handling.
  • Easy to Use
  • With the division into 10 compartments, it is easy to handle all reference samples.
  • Analyze samples when you need to and save time. Any new sample entering the EM10 will not impact the drying process of those already being tested.
  • Compliant
  • Using the EM10 ensures that you are complying with the following standards:
  • AACC 44-20.01 & 44-15.02
  • FT WG 0008
  • NF ISO 712, V03 707, & V03 708
  • GOST 940488 & 13586.593
  • IRAM 15850-1
  • ISO 24557 : 2009
  • ICC 110/1 for the reference moisture measurement

Moisture Control for Cereals & Grains

  • Determine moisture content using approved standards and reference methods
  • Verify quality of storage over time
  • Check/calibrate quick analyzers (moisture meters, NIR)
  • Measure all cereals (oily, high-protein cereals, etc.) and powders (flour, semolina, bran, etc.)

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