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MR Mixers

The CHOPIN Technologies MR Mixers are used to condition wheat before test milling and can also be used for a wide range of other mixing applications – from powders to liquids with granular products. The MR Mixers provide simple and rapid pre-tempering of wheat and efficient mixing of flours and other powders, such as additives. A Lab technician can set up the mixer in about 20 seconds, and the mixing process runs automatically, leaving them time to complete other tasks.



  • Built-in timer to automatically stop the mixing process
  • Two product configurations –select the one that best meets your mixing needs
  • Mixers are supplied with 2 mixing screws, one for grain and the other for powders
  • Simple and robust design


  • Efficient mixing of flours and other powders, removing the need to repeat the process
  • Optimal tempering of wheat prior to test milling for consistency and repeatability
  • Automatic operation – no need to monitor the process

The MR Mixers are used for:

  • Wheat conditioning
  • Mixing flour after milling
  • Powders and powders with granular products
  • Grains or granular products
  • Liquids with granular products
  • Mixing additives
  • Preparing your wheat and flour blends

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