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Spectrometer – Nuclide Indentifier AT6102

AT6102,A,B Spectrometers are multifunctional portable single-block radiation monitoring devices primarily used for radionuclide detection and identification without PC: natural, medical, Industrial.


Specifications of spectrometers АТ6102 (γ, n) АТ6102А (γ) АТ6102В (γ)
Gamma radiation detector

Scintillator NaI(Tl),
Ø40×40 mm;
Geiger-Muller counter tube

Scintillator NaI(Tl),
Ø40×40 mm;
Geiger-Muller counter tube

Scintillator NaI(Tl),
Ø40×80 mm;
Geiger-Muller counter tube

Neutron radiation detector

Two 3He proportional
neutron counter

Gamma radiation energy range 20 keV…3 MeV
Neutron radiation energy range 0.025 eV…14 MeV
Radionuclide identification

Medical, Industrial and Natural
(Library of identified radionuclides can be modified)

Typical resolution 7.5% FWHM
at 662 keV at 20°C
7.5% FWHM
at 662 keV at 20°C
at 662 keV at 20°C
Maximum input statistical load ≥1.5·105 s-1
Detection time of 137Cs source with 50 kBq activity at 20 cm distance ≤2 s
Detection time of 252Сf source with 0.9 probability and neutron yield 1.8·104 neutron/s at 20 cm distance ≤5 s
Measurement range of gamma radiation ambient dose equivalent rate

0.01…300 µSv/h

0.01…300 µSv/h
10 µSv/h…100 mSv/h

0.01…150 µSv/h
10 µSv/h…100 mSv/h

Limit of dose rate measurement intrinsic relative error ±20%
Sensitivity to gamma radiation

6600 cps/µSv·h-1
850 cps/µSv·h-1
430 cps/µSv·h-1

6600 cps/µSv·h-1
850 cps/µSv·h-1
430 cps/µSv·h-1

11600 cps/µSv·h-1
1700 cps/µSv·h-1
840 cps/µSv·h-1

Energy dependence of sensibility for gamma radiation dose rate measurement

±20%  [NaI(Tl)]  (in 50 keV…3 MeV energy range)
±25%  [G-M]  (in 60 keV…3 MeV energy range)

Sensitivity to direct neutron radiation

0.28 impulse·cm2/neutron
0.5 impulse·cm2/neutron

Number of ADC channels 1024
Operation mode setup time ≤1 min
Continuous run time
With screen light off
With external smart probes connected

≥18 h
≥15 h

≥25 h
≥17 h

≥25 h
≥17 h

Protection class IР65
Drop protection From 20 cm height to hard surface
Working temperature range -20°C…+50°C
Relative air humidity with air temperature ≤35°C without condensation ≤95%
Connection to PC USB
Overall dimensions 230х115х212 mm, 230х115х177 mm 230х115х177 mm
Weight 2.5 kg 1.9 kg 2.15 kg
Specifications of external
smart probes
BDPA-01 (α) BDPB-01 (β) BDKN-03 (n)
Detector ZnS(Ag) scintillator,
Ø60 mm
Scintillation plastic,
Ø60 mm
3He counter in polyethylene moderator
Energy range 4 … 7 MeV 155 keV … 3.5 MeV 0.025 eV…14 MeV
Measurement range

0.5 … 1·105
(Flux density)

3 … 5·105
(Flux density)

0.1 µSv/h … 10 mSv/h
(Dose rate)





Limit of intrinsic relative measurement error ±20%
Protection class IР54
Overall dimensions Ø87×205 mm Ø87×205 mm 314х220х263 mm
Weight 0.55 kg 0.65 kg 8 kg

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