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PTA-Line Tensile Tester

Tensile Tester which can be integrated in our automatic test system (PTA-Line).


Applicable standards:
– ISO 1924-2 | -3
– TAPPI T494

Method descriptions
In contrast to other techniques for determining tensile strength, the PTA-Line tensile strength test device is a fullyfledged
measurement device as specified according to ISO 1924-3. With this device, direct measurements of strain are possible, and require no correction factors. A sample is automatically punched, according to model, in MD or CD at a width of 15 mm. A fully-fledged tensile testing module within the device guarantees standards-compliant testing, with results that can be directly compared with laboratory devices. Therefore, neither correction or correlation is required. Together with a PTA-Line single transport (see page 180) or as part of a PTA-Line, an informative cross-section profile of the tensile strength of a sample can be easily and fully automatically created.

Test description
A strip of 15mm in width is automatically created from the
inserted sample using an integrated punch. This strip is then
held by a vacuum pump and transported lower. There the jaws
of the clamp close and the test procedure begins. The clamp
jaws pull the sample so far apart that it rips. After a successful
test, the destroyed sample is automatically blown into a refuse
container. Along with the process curves recorded, the strain,
maximum breaking force, tension length, and tensile strength,
among other values, are calculated.

• Easy operation via the integrated touch screen
• Pneumatic sample punch and clamping
• Test speed adjustable: 1 – 120 mm/min
• Available measuring directions:
– Cross direction
– Machine direction
• FRANK-PTI standard-ports
• Compatible with ProbeNet

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