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Alarm Dosimeter AT2327

Alarm dosimeter is intended for radiation monitoring of radiation-sensitive and radiation-dangerous areas and facilities.


The number of detection units 1…10
in one alarm dosimeter
The number of alarm dosimeters 32
in the system for PC configuration
Measurement range for:
     Ambient gamma radiation dose equivalent rate
          BDKG-02 0.1 µSv/h…10 Sv/h
          BDKG-04 0.05 µSv/h…10 Sv/h
          BDKG-11/1 0.01 µSv/h…100 µSv/h
          BDKG-27 50 mSv/h…4000 Sv/h
     Ambient neutron radiation dose equivalent rate
          BDKN-02 (from Pu-Be sources) 0.1 µSv/h…10 mSv/h
          BDKN-04 (0.025 eV…14 MeV) 0.1 µSv/h…10 mSv/h
Neutron flux density measurement range 0.1…1·104 neutron/sec·cm2
(BDKN-02, BDKN-04)
Sensitivity for 137Cs
          BDKG-02 4.0 cps/µSv·h-1
          BDKG-04 70.0 cps/µSv·h-1
          BDKG-11/1 1970.0 cps/µSv·h-1
          BDKG-27 2.1 µC/Sv
Pu-Be source neutron radiation sensitivity
          BDKN-02 1.15 cps/neutrons·sec-1·cm-2
          BDKN-04 1.5 cps/neutrons·sec-1·cm-2
Sensibility energy dependence for 137Cs -25%…+35%
Gamma radiation energy range
          BDKG-02, BDKG-27 60 keV…3 MeV
          BDKG-04 15 keV…3 MeV
Registered neutrons energy range  0.025 eV…14 MeV
Intrinsic relative error of gamma radiation ±20% max.
dose rate and flux density measurement
Working temperature range
     Control Panel 5°С…40°С
     Detection units and other devices -30°С…+50°С
Relative air humidity
     Detection units and other devices ≤95%
     (with air temperature ≤35°C without condensation)
     Control Panel, data display and ionization chamber ≤75%
     (with air temperature ≤30°C without condensation)
Alarm 3-stage light alarm and sound alarm
Protection class
     For detection units IP57
     For data display IP21
     For other devices IР50
Power supply Alternate current mains
230 V (+23 V/-35 V), 50±2 Hz
Reserve battery in case of emergency
power off: 12.6 B (+1.3; -1.6),
or 25.2 (+2.6; -3.2) V
Maximum distance between detection unit and 1000 m
the control panel/PC when interface cable is used
Overall dimensions
          BDKG-02 Ø55×260 mm
          BDKG-04 Ø61×205 mm
          BDKG-11/1 (in sealed container) Ø141×473 mm
               Electronic unit 206x82x56 mm
               Ionization chamber 190x58x56 mm
          BDKN-02 Ø91×260 mm
          BDKN-04 235x264x315 mm
          Control panel 200x160x90 mm
          Alarm unit 185x85x95 mm
          Data display 643x97x67 mm
          BDKG-02 0.5 kg
          BDKG-04 0.5 kg
          BDKG-11/1 (in sealed container) 8.5 kg
               Electronic unit 0.45 kg
               Ionization chamber 0.7 kg
          BDKN-02 2.4 kg
          BDKN-04 7.95 kg
          Control panel 0.7 kg
          Alarm unit 0.4 kg
          Data display 4.0 kg

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