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Universal Micrometer

For the precise determination of thickness of paper, board, corrugated board, nonwovens, foil and textile. The universal micrometer consists of a warpresistant housing, which ensures exact measurements thanks to its stability. On the front of the device there is a digital display and controls, as well as start and stop buttons. The high-precision measurement mechanism is protected by being integrated within the housing and consists basically of a motor-driven lifting mechanism, a measuring pin, and the appropriate weight, which can be simply exchanged if required.

This allows a single device to measure the thickness of materials acc. to different standards.


  • High resolution digital sensor
  • 7″ capacitive touch display
  • Cycle- and Single measurement
  • Mode for difference measurement
  • Easily adaptable access management
  • Compatible with ProbeNet
  • Available ModularLine Version
  • DIN EN ISO 534, 12625-3
  • TAPPI T411
    *more on request
  • Warp-resistant housing that thanks to its stability ensures exact measurement results
  • The measuring pin and weights are exchangeable which enables the measurement of different materials with single device
  • S165021010 Measuring pin and load mass for paper and board / DIN EN  20534 / 2cm² / 16mm
  • S165021001 Measuring pin and load mass for tissue / DIN EN  12625-3 / 10cm² / 35,7mm
  • S165021502 Measuring pin and load mass for Nonwoven / Tex / DIN EN ISO  9073 / 25cm² / 56,42mm
    and many more – see data sheet
  • S165020002 / Micrometer / 250 x 240 x 370 mm
  • S165020002 / Micrometer / ca. 31 kg / ca. 50 kg


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