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SmartChem 210 Wet Chemistry Analyzer

The AMS Alliance SmartChem® 210 is a fully automated, wet chemistry direct read, discrete analyzer for photometric analysis. This benchtop instrument offers a throughput of up to 210 tests per hour with optional Nitrate sample preparation modules. It can load up to 60 samples, controls and calibrators and up to 32 different reagents.

Together with its intuitive and easy to learn software platform, SmartChem® 210 provides full flexibility and power to increase the productivity in your laboratory.

When paired with the optional samples and reagent barcode readers and ready-to-use reagents, the instrument operation is simplified and does solely require to program the instrument’s work routine, reducing hands-on operation and any possibility of human error.


SmartChem® 210 Analyzer Specifications

Dimensions Height x Width x Length: 50 x 70 x 105 cm (19.7 x 27.6 x 41.3 in.)
Weight 48 kg (106 lbs)
Power 350 Watts
Assay Type End Point, Kinetic, Differential, Bi Chromatic Assays, Fully Programmable
On-Board Reagents Up to 32 Reagents Can be Loaded Into the Compartment and Distributed on 4 Removable Racks with 8 Positions (50 ml containers) Each
Sample Loading 4 x 15 Position Removable Racks (10 ml tubes)
Urgent Sample Analysis Allowed at Any Time
Throughput Up to 210 Tests/Hour
Reading System Direct Photometry
Photometer: Multi-Wavelength Optics, Double Beam
Wavelength: 12 Wavelengths Available with 9 on Board
Source: Halogen Lamp 6V/10W
Optical Path: 10 mm
Linear Range: 0.001 – 2.500 Abs
Resolution: 0.0001 Abs
Minimum Reaction Volume 300 μl
Sampling System One Mechanic Arm Provides All Sampling Operation with:
Capacitive Liquid Level Sensing
Reagent Pre-Warming at 37°C (98.6°F)
Automatic Probe Washing
Sample Pre-Dilution
Sample Rerun With or Without Dilution
Dilutor Automatic Dilution in Pre- and Post-Dilution
Reaction Plate Holds 60 Cuvettes that Perform the Following Operations:
Automatic Cuvette Washing
Incubation Temperature Control 37°C (98.6°F) +/- 0.3
Continuous Monitoring of Cuvette Quality
Separate Waste Lines to Minimize Hazard Disposal Management
Use of Washable Cuvettes (Green Technology)
Available Configurations Analytical Module: NO3
Barcode Reader: Samples, Reagents
Complementary Products Ready-to-Use Reagents

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