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Pneumatic Sample Punch XXL

The pneumatic die cutter is a robust floor-standing device that operates according to the “punch & die” principle. For easy operation, a foot pedal is integrated into the device, which triggers the pneumatic punching process. To prevent the material from slipping, a hold-down device is integrated into the unit to clamp it in place before punching.

A built-in deflection lever ensures uniform force distribution. An easily accessible specimen removal is located underneath the cutting tool. The integrated safety switch prevents unintentional activation of the punch when the safety flap is open to prevent injuries.


  • „Punch & die“ principle
  • Easy operation via foot pedal
  • Pneumatically operated
  • Easily accessible sample removal
  • Safety device to prevent injuries
  • Deflection lever for even distribution of force
  • Simple operation via foot pedal.
  • Deflection lever for even force distribution.
  • Multiple specimens can be punched simultaneously.
  • Integrated safety device to prevent injuries.
  • S405300001 Punching Machine XXL 750 x 565 x 1540 mm (L x B x H)
  • S405300001 / Punching Machine XXL / ca. 290 kg / ca.  400 kg

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