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Pneumatic Sample Punch

Pneumatic sample punch for making paper samples for various tests.


Device description
The pneumatic sample punch is a robust floor-mounted unit that works according to the “punch & die” principle. A foot pedal is integrated with the device for ease of operation, and this initiates the pneumatic punch process. So that the material to be punched doesn’t slip, a clamping mechanism holds it firmly before the punching process. An integrated deflection lever ensures an even distribution of force. Samples are easily removed from the sample retrieval area located below the punch tool. The integrated safety switch prevents inadvertent activation of the punch while the safety guard is open, to prevent injury.

Process description
The sheet of material to be punched is pushed into the sample slot of the pneumatic surface punch, which for safety has a maximum height of 8 mm. Touching and holding the foot pedal holds the sheet securely. Then the stamp moves down through the die and punches the sample. It falls, under its own weight and due to the ejector attached to the stamp, into the sample retrieval area. When the foot is removed from the pedal, the stamp returns to the start position and the punched sample as well as the offcut can be removed.

• “Punch & dye” principle
• Easy to use due to the foot pedal
• Pneumatic operated
• Pneumatic binder for precise cutting of the sample
• Easy accessible sample-taking
• Savety device to prevent injury
• Bell crank for uniform force distribution
• Available punch size: DIN A4 or smaller (e.g. 250 x 200 mm)

Technical data
Electrical connection:
Water connection:
Compressed air:
600 kPa

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