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Radiation monitor AT6130

Compact device intended for gamma and X-radiation ambient dose equivalent and ambient dose equivalent rate measurement, as well as for measurement of beta particle flux density on contaminated surfaces.
In search mode it measures count rate in counts per second.

  • w/o PC communication interface
  • with Bluetooth interface


Ambient gamma and X radiation doserate equivalent  indication range
0.01 µSv/h…10 mSv/h
or  1 µrem/h…1 rem/h *
Ambient gamma and X radiation dose rate equivalent measurement range 0.1 µSv/h…10 mSv/h
or10 µrem/h…1 rem/h *
Ambient gamma and X radiation dose equivalent measurement range 0.1 µSv…100 mSv
or 10 µrem…10 rem *
Beta particles flux density (or count rate) measurement range 10…1·104 particle/min·cm2
(or 0.1…1·104 cps) *
Intrinsic relative error of dose rate measurement in the range from
0.1 µSv/h to 10 mSv/h (10 µrem/h…1 rem/h)
±20% max.
X and gamma radiation energy range 20 keV…3 MeV
Spectrum maximum energy range of registered beta particles 155 keV…3.5 MeV
Energy dependence
– When gamma radiation dose rate is measured for 137Cs ±30%
– When beta particles flux density is measured for 90Sr+90Y -60%…+50%
            To 137Cs gamma radiation 2.8 cps/µSv·h-1
            To 90Sr+90Y beta radiation 0.36 cps/particles·min-1·cm-2
Radiation overloading Radiation monitor can withstand 100-fold rise of dose rate measurement and beta particles flux density upper range limit for 5 minutes with readings not lower than maximum
Continuous run time ≥500 h
Working temperature range -20°C…+55°C
Relative humidity with air temperature ≤35°C without condensation ≤95%
Drop protection From ≤1.5 m to hard surface
Protection class IP57
Power supply 2 x AAA-size batteries (LR 03) or 2 x AAA-seize rechargeable cells with nominal voltage 1.2 V
Overall dimensions 110x60x38 mm
Weight 0.25 kg

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